A hair closure is section of hair, the standard size is 4×4 inch, therefore it is also referred to as as a 4×4 closing. However, as a professional hair loss supplier, Dsoarhair would also like to customize the 5×5 inch or 6×6 inch hair closure according to clients’ demand. A human hair closure is generally combined with lace and hair, swiss or silk, today lace closure is quite popular because of its softness and breathability. The lace closure will cover your head and give your head a refuge. Even a 4×4 lace closure usually be set at the top of one’s head, the purpose is to close up a installment, prevent the damage of setup to your hair. It can be sewn, taped, or glued down. It’s the ideal option if you’d like to wear a wig or a weave but do not wish to harm your own hair. Check out these bundles and closure for awesome tips.

A Human Hair Closure Classification
Dsoarhair has 3 types of human hair finishing: Free part closure, Middle part closure and three component closure.

Today We’ll explain them separately:

What Is A Free Part Human Hair Closure
A completely free part closure, it is a closure you can put the area anywhere. Like our hair, it is possible to place the hair part anywhere you would like. Therefore it’s known as the free part closure. The most unique feature of a free part closure is you can comb your own hair straight back with no more part. The closure can look just like your hair from the own scalp.

Free Part Human Hair Closure
What is a middle part hair closed
A middle part human hair closure, it is a closure with a part in the midst, it’s actually a pre-parted lace closure. With the midst part closure, you can only wear the centre part hair.

Middle Part Human Hair Closure
What is a 3 part human hair closure
A 3 part human hair closure, is a closure with three part onto it. Two parts are located all on the side, left part on the centre. With this you can wear the middle part or perhaps the left or right side facet, plus it may braid the diversified hair-style in your upper head- click great store for details.

Three-part Human Hair Closure
Details And Advantages Of A Human Hair Closure
Dsoarhair is an individual hair seller that always trying the better to supply top quality human hair and customer zebajd service. Every one of the closures are manufactured from 100 percent virgin remy hair and Korea imported lace, you should not have the worries of moan, discard, falling and additional hair problems.

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