Aarhus’ top rated cosmetic clinic – Scandinavian Beauty is found right within the heart of Aarhus in the midst of Strøget, where all the new initiatives within the beauty industry are offered. Everything based on the right education and knowledge within the field right down to the technical and chemical level.

“Our mission is always to know by far the most inside the areas we cover within the beauty industry. No people are 100% similar and thus there are always differences that make us not just capable of run autopilot. Just with the right theory can we translate it to the right practice. ”

It started with yellow nails – Our company is founded by cosmetic nurse Louise Bundgaard, who started out by making gel nails . She focused on her salon being the most effective in speed, durability and knowledge in the field. She already possessed the artistic of her younger days as a creative painter and draftsman. Since then we have expanded now offer both gel nails, botox, filler, permanent makeup, volume and single extensions inside the clinic.

Permanent Makeup – Our clinic owner, Louise, also works with micropigmentation of brows – also known as CeriX Aarhus , which is often used in everyday speech. It’s a technique called PhiBrows. It is done using tiny pigments which can be deposited line by line within the top layer on the skin on the eyebrows to check like your personal hair. Hybrid eyebrows are the same approach – here just add a shadow to the eyebrow for any more “full” look. The starting point is the length, color and strands of the existing brows, and a lot more, to make a completely natural result for you – this combined with your beautiful brows.

At Scandinavian Beauty there are three different treatments you can book with regards to nails.

New set of jelly nails : With jelly we help make your nail for a longer time (if desired) and stronger and normally use varnish to our wide selection of CND Shellac and Gelish. This procedure expenses 500 to the college student Aleksandra and 700 to the clinic owner, Louise, who may have been doing nails for many years and does the treatment in an hour.

Gel nails satisfying : Within 3 weeks of the latest nail treatment we can “fill up”, so that your set of gel nails appears like new, perhaps. with deciding on a new color at no extra charge. We do not fill on other hair salon remedies – only our very own. This treatment expenses 400 by our student, Aleksandra and 500 DKK by our clinic proprietor, Louise, who may have been performing nails for many years and does the remedy in approx. 45 minutes.

Shellac therapy : This is our least expensive nail therapy where our completely scuff-totally free varnish is applied to your own natural nail. This procedure costs 400 by Louise and 350 by Aleksandra. You should anticipate a 30-minute therapy time at Louise and approx. 45-1 hour with all the other girls.

Wrinkle therapy with Botox. Along with us, we have Louise as our cosmetic nurse. Along with her we have the opportunity to offer wrinkle therapy with Botox treatment right here in the center of Strøget in Aarhus.

A minimum of two times before the first Botox treatment, you ought to see a specialist at Scandinavian Elegance. It can not cost extra, but is really a free preliminary research. The treatments typically take 30 minutes. Prices are person and arranged with a free trial

Totally free pre-test on Botox – Our preliminary research on Botox remedies are absolutely free – we shall have it set up our booking system as soon as possible which means you simply book a period your self. For the time being, we shall ask you to call us either by phone or by mail by interest.

What exactly is Botox – Botox is definitely an authorized medication which contains the active substance botulinum toxin A, which causes the musculature of your own face to chill out, providing you with a much more youthful, natural and healthful expression. What creates the wrinkles you might have and sfdkmx creases We have is often individual as our facial mimics and stress are totally different for every person.

However with a Botox wrinkle treatment, the person muscle tension on the face will relax more, that can minimize or completely eliminate the wrinkles in the treated area.

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