Jokowi: “Tax Amnesty” No Forgiveness For Corruptor!

President Joko Widodo emphasized that the Amnesty Law Tax or Tax Amnesty recently approved the House of Representatives does not mean forgiveness for criminals.

“Tax Amnesty is not an effort forgiveness for criminals to money-laundering or bleaching. No,” saidJokowi at the office of the Directorate General of Taxation, Friday 91/7/2016).

“What we want is, that we can serve is, the entrepreneur who puts his money abroad. In particular, tax haven country,” he continued.

The government, Jokowi , want money for entrepreneurs who are abroad and repatriated through a mechanism in the law can be beneficial to the interests of the people, not companies or individuals.

Jokowi said the country is in dire need of funds for infrastructure development. He said, until the end of the mass of the position as President in 2019, building it needs Rp 4,900 trillion.

Of the estimated amount of the state budget could not a accommodate all of it. Even the state budget can not menakomodir half of it.

“So, I’ve asked the ministry to be prepared so that the opportunity can really be exploited. Money-money coming into our country (through the Tax Amnesty) that can actually be used,” said Jokowi.

Also Jokowi invited businessmen to bring back the money to Indonesia. He Believes, employers do not need to be wary of a criminal or administrative sanctions Because The Tax Amnesty Law guarantees it.

Also Jokowi ensures that, after the Tax Amnesty Law diketok, the government will follow up with revise a number of laws items, namely the Law on General Provisions and Tax Procedures, the Law on Value Added Tax and Income Tax Law.