Fresh Meat With Good Nutrients

There are calcium in the fresh pork, the phosphorus also exists in this animal. Ninety nine point ninety nine gram of pig contain phosphorous as much as one hundred and seventeen mg. but we can have different content of phosphorus in boar. Ninety nine point ninety nine gram of boar has more phosphorus content, which is about one hundred and fifty one mg phosphorus. Phosphorus can give benefits to the healthy body as preventing bad osteoporosis, maintaining healthy strong bones and strong teeth, and make strengthens of bones.

The pork is just like other types of red meat. The pork benefits also have the ability to prevent anemia and make your blood keep stable. The cattle with red meat such as pigs, cows and goats contains a selenium which is very useful to prevent the occurrence of blood deficiency or you call it anemia.

The fresh pork Babi Goreng also contain iron which is very good for the body and make it keep healthy. The contains of iron in the fresh pork is not too much and its make the iron very good for the body and the benefit of iron contained in pork will be used by the body to help red blood cell production with the fast, very strongly to prevent anemia, and accelerating growth of skin in the wound. Ninety nine point ninety nine grams of pork livestock contain iron as much as one point ninety nine mg, as well as wild boar fresh meat has the same iron content, one point ninety nine mg.

If you fried a fresh pork, you will get some of oil from the fried pork, which we often call a pig oil. Pig oil produced by the fried pork to have a taste of very delicious and very tasty when it became one of the good ingredients for sauteing some vegetables or put some pig oil into a delicious dish. It is like using the benefits of fresh vegetable oil from olive oil or corn oil for frying food.

The benefits of consuming the fresh pork turned out to have a fairly very high collagen content. Collagen in this fresh pork can be used as a medicine and skin care of the beautiful face, as it can be get rid of acne and comedo, make your skin is tight, very good to prevent or reduce the symptoms of anti aging. Pork has fat which turns out to have many good benefits especially in the manufacture of soap and some kind of very good beauty products.


Amazing Theme For Amazing Restaurant

This very good Makanan Asia is located in one country in around the world. Even though it looks not too big from the outside, but in inside this restaurant turned out and look wide, long and stretched to the rear. Serves typical oriental, the good restaurant is often so the purpose of the officials and domestic tourists, especially foreign tourists who were visiting the great place with good scenery. Often, the house came in group by antique bus to the good restaurant which is called in the good book diary of a demonstrator work.

Asian good restaurant has indeed co operate with some of the good travel agent. So, the general foreign tourists are usually invited to break and dine here. They consider and think this is very amazing it one of the icons of the city. Not a few others of the house who came here on the recommendation of his handsome grandfather, who at the good time had once been eating good food at this good place.

Sometimes, the house came while carrying packs of good condition cutlery of rectangle shaped paper inscribed with asian good restaurants, to be matched with those on the good restaurant. They got it from a best friend of his or of his handsome grandfather. Understandably enough, the asian good Restaurant is indeed a long-standing in this city, since nineteen thirteen. The founder, is migrated to our beloved country and be a great chef. When the great chef selling delicious dishes, the orders from costumer is very big. Because more and more orders from costumers, finally a few months later the great chef opened a small good restaurant and nice restaurant changed its name to the great restaurant.

Originally, the good restaurant was only able to accommodate more than eight table. Traders who came to the strong army, our beloved country which exists in the great city often travel to the good restaurant. According to the good story, because first there has been no good material storage in refrigerators, the chicken still hanging way then smoked the smoke so durable. After good restaurant, the great chef was succeeded  with supported from his wife. then after the great chef died, the business back was succeeded by one of his sons, and assisted by his wife. In nineteen eighty, the good restaurant changed the name. after he getting married his wife and have a great family, he did much to learn cooking from around the world.