Wireless Home Security Cameras Buying Guides

Wireless Home Security Cameras Buying Guides

Wireless home security cameras will be the hot topic to be discussed today. This electronic tool will be very important for you especially for you who run the business. This camera can be the best companion every second you pass your life. As we know, criminality is one of tendencies everyone will get in their lives. That’s why by using this camera, you will be able to avoid it. You can apply them wherever you want especially in your office or business spot.

Not only used for business area, it can be also used for your home. Of course, everyone will try to avoid criminality cases as well. That’s why applying this camera can be the alternative solution to prevent criminals as possible they can.

Talking about the wireless camera for your home security, actually there are some aspects you have to know. Those cameras are supported by professional services. Besides that, you can also take them as the home surveillance at your hand. This kind of camera is also flexible for you. By using the advanced technologies, you will only need simple installation to apply it. This camera is also supported by comprehensive security features.

Well, purchasing wireless camera for your home surveillance is not easy. You will need some guides for finding the best wireless camera for your home security. If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. Here is the discussion for you.

What you should look when shopping

First of all, let’s talk about the basic functions from every product you find. There are some products that are able to detect and record the event and send you an email notification or alert. But, they cannot perform those events on the same way. Meanwhile, there are also other cameras with special features and those basic functions. You will be able to get those features on some product brands. So, before shopping, you need to check what some features you need.
Well, they are also some features you can search for the camera you want. Here is the basic function of those features.

• Alerts
This feature will be able to send the notifications to your smartphone when they are events. So, you don’t need to keep watching on your monitor all time. You only need to keep your smartphone at your hand and check the notification sent by the camera. This camera will send alerts when there are some actions, sounds, and faces detected. Not only detecting one face, it will be able to detect many people’s faces. If you cannot access your smartphone, the alerts will be saved on your email account.

• Battery backup
Now, you will find the battery backup. You don’t have to be worried about the battery lives of this camera. For example, when the battery goes lower, the video on your camera will be darker. On this case, battery backup feature will be able to run the clear video only with short battery power. So, here are some features you should get from wireless home security cameras.

Other features you should find on the wireless camera

• Cloud recording
Next, you have to know about cloud recording. As we know, there are some products offers you the plans of cloud storage. This feature will help you to send the recorded video to the remote server. Besides sending video to the remote server, it will also store the video at the complete time. Commonly, there will be 24 hours in a week. Then, those videos will be deleted in order to give other space for other videos.

You also have to know that this video feature is free. But, you will also be required to take monthly subscription. Then, what will happen if you need to leave home for more than one week? Well, you can take the extended time for this camera work. So, there will be longer time for your records.

• Facial recognition
What are other features you have to find on the wireless home security cameras? The advanced technology offers you the new camera. This camera comes from the experiment completed by facial recognition. How this camera works? In other hand, it will offer you the facial identification feature. So, it will help you to differentiate somebody’s faces.
Well, if you want to need the comprehensive features, don’t forget to search it. But, you will also spend a lot of times on this camera lens in order to recognize their faces.

• Local storage
Now, you need to find the local storage feature. For your information, there are some cameras with micro SD storage. In other hand, you will be able to save video on the device directly. So, you will not be charged of monthly charges for the cloud storage fees. This camera will really save the evidence directly on the device.

• Mobile app
Well, you have to know that some cameras are completed with mobile application support. By having this feature, you will be able to operate and access the camera through your smartphone. In other hand, you can also customize the camera performances. It will be really easy to be accessed by your phone. So, you don’t need to spend time in front of the laptop.
There will be also some key features you need to know. For example, you will be able to customize your camera notification. You have to also detect the sensitivity and adjust the motion. So, you will also use the set detection that this camera has. Well, it will be able to lock your device perfectly.

• Motion detection
Well, who makes the best home security camera? Of course, they are some manufacturers that support the camera with comprehensive features for their wireless home security camera system like motion detection. Besides those features above, you need to find the motion detection. It is one of the best features you have to get. It is completed by the camera sensor. So, you will be able to get the sensitivity of the sensor on this camera.

Well, if you want to find the perfect camera, you can choose Samsung SmartCam HD Plus. It will be really the best option for your bestwireless home security cameras.